Download Subway Surfers for PC / Laptop

Download Subway Surfers for PC / Laptop Subway Surfers is a fairly well-known game on Android which is now available for you PC users to play the game. Subway Surfers is a game with the theme Endless Running, a casual genre that can be played by anyone. Using background running on the railroad tracks to avoid chasing the surrounding guards.

You can play Subway Surfer for PC by using the mouse to move it. The way to play is very easy, just by moving the character left, right, jump and roll to avoid the obstacles while collecting coins.

Subway Surfers for PC

In the Subway Surfers there are also features such as enhancers, for example, jump shoes to jump higher, jetpacks to fly, multiplier to double the number of coins obtained, and more. You can also ride a hoverboard or some kind of skateboard to add to your playing sensation and also when you hit an obstacle it won’t die immediately.


Download Subway Surfers for PC / Laptop


Subway Surfers for Windows
Subway Surfers for Mac OS
Subway Surfers for Mobile

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