Download “Angry Birds Space” for PC

Download “Angry Birds Space” for PC “Angry Birds Space” brings the latest gameplay forms compared to the previous “Angry Birds series” where this time the herds of birds tried to drive green pigs from the planets. What makes it interesting is that each planet has gravity that pulls the bird towards the planet.

“Angry Birds Space” has around 60 stages that you can play. To deal with gravity on the planet, you must try to estimate where the bird will fall when it enters gravity. Even sometimes in several stages there are several planets that are close together so that when you enter the planet’s gravity, there is a possibility that you can also be attracted to the gravity of other planets.

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In “Angry Birds Space” these birds do not change in their abilities. The conclusion is “Angry Birds Space” is quite unique in its game because it applies the law of gravity, making this game more colorful and interesting to play.


Download “Angry Birds Space” for PC

Angry Birds Space for Windows
Angry Birds Space for Mac OS
Download Angry Birds Space
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